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2000 big juanssPosted:

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Well it took a while to get here but it looks like im here now um so yeh thats pretty much it

Some other stats

15 gifts of gold (2 poor to gift more soz)
Thanked 371 times

RIP Kunta

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Congrats on 2,000 posts.

Let the leaderboards begin.

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Grats on 2k spams mate, see you at your next milestone bro keep up the grind.
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Congrats on the 2,000 posts RedWood. You're close to the 4th cheese block as well.
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Congrats on 2k, Close to 4 hunna rep block points
Ps - I stole your emailPass file
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Congrats man, have a great day.
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congrats, 2000 is a lot of spamming done
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