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5 cheese blocks, good job I'm not lactose intolerancePosted:

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Just hit 500 REP,! to many people REP is just a number, but to me it's show that all the work you do does pay off.

Thanks list

favourite User

you are my most favourite member on TTG <3

Next goals

6 Cheese blocks
2k Thanks
My own badge { Why Vantage have they own badge but C360 don't, do you not love me }
Nudes off Famous (He has promised he send them one day)

But seriously thanks guy's if it wasn't for you I most probably would of quit ages ago, you always push more out of me, and keep me inspired.

Please donate some REP and Thanks, each donation will help a unhealthy programmer keep going, but it is optional of course, if the worst comes of the worst I will just have to go outside like a normal person.

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damn man thats a lot of cheese!

congrats on 5hunnid

best of luck on your next goals
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Congrats homie!
You will achieve those goals in no time
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Congrats man, hope I can catch up soon! ;)

And yeah there needs to be a C360 badge for all the hard work you've put into it, the quality of it and how functional it is and on top of that, it has helped so many of us here on TTG

Good luck on your future milestones bud

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Congrats!! I hope I can get my first one fairly soon
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Gonna give you some love, as I'm proud of you.
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Congrats on hitting 500 rep! This is very well deserved! Thanks for everything you've done for the community with providing us with a great tool like Chaotic360. I know I also speak for others when I say this, but very glad you didn't quit on us! Keep up the hard work and good luck on reaching your future goals
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I don't seem to be on your favorite user list, I'm deeply depressed and I'll be telling my mother on you, although congrats on the 500 peppers, it'll be no time before you over take me again thanks for being the best baby sitter and taking care of me.

You're 100% right Chaotic360 should have it's own Badge due to it being simply the best modding tool out there :') #SavageZZ9FingerLickingGoodness

I thought I'd edit this post, just to say how much we love you over at the ZZ9 Hangout, the boys are here for you and will be coming over to party soon.
- Okay on a serious note, I wanted to be the longest comment on the thread.. but keep doing everything that you do and working hard on CH360 can't wait to see the update, that's if I can get a new laptop by time of release :* but very excited to see all that's been added.
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I've seen you around in the lobbies or heard of you man you sound really helpful but congratulations you on rep message me sometime!
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Congrats David! Can't wait for your internet to sort itself out so we can properly work on C360 as opposed to the few minutes your internet holds up for currently
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