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Shoutbox Services SuitePosted:

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Shoutbox Services Suite

Want to never miss a shout from the shoutbox again? Wish you could just sit back and relax while the shoutbox lulls you to sleep with the soothing sounds of rep me pls or anime anime anime? Curious who the top shouters are for a given time frame?

Well, this is the tool for you then. Available at [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] the SSS will let you do all of those things and more in the future. Visiting the site, you might notice there is nothing but two tabs, Find and Feed. One will let you query for shouts back in the past, and the other is just the same familiar feed of the shoutbox, but with a speech synthesis service running in the background to speak shouts aloud.

e.g. querying for shouts during July 4th.

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

The items on my to-do are...

    - a list of top shouters that will be query-able by date (can't do that yet - even though I teased it above!)
    - perform NLP on our shouts to generate some neat dashboards and graphs about the language used in our shoutbox
    - improve the UI a bit. expose total counts so far and expose the users endpoint
    - potentially keep track of user's total time in the shoutbox. ty @RepBandit
    - integrate speech recognition so we can send shouts via our voice (relies on the following bullet point)
    - some sort of authentication service to prevent exposing our shouts to the outside world (probably not possible without actually using TTG's db to auth against, but this isn't safe). Alternatively, I can ask for the user's user cookie, but this is also an awful solution. No idea how this authentication stuff works, but I think a safe solution is to have @telli expose an OAuth service so I can authorize users against it. I'll ask him!

How does it work?

Feel free to dig around!

Back-end: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Front-end: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

The whole stack is in TypeScript. The back-end is a suite of microservices talking to each other via RabbitMQ. It all starts off with the poller service hitting the same request that's hit when we're in the shoutbox to get new shouts. It sends this raw shout off to be processed by the processor service, which is then sent to the persistor service to persist it into a Mongo database. Rinse and repeat. I then expose the shouts via an API to be consumed by the Angular front-end.


This is something I've been working on and off for the past few months (I can't believe it's already July). Development is sporadic!

It started with wanting timestamps in the shoutbox (and we have them now thanks to our suggestions over the years!). Next I wanted to make the shoutbox speak our shouts so we could never miss a conversation again. Here are some posts about that --


The above implementations were very limiting and not very user-friendly, but eventually led to the prototype available here [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . This service was fine for a bit, but it felt messy. And finally here we are at the Shoutbox Services Suite!


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This is legendary deserves a sticky
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let the battle for the most shouts begin
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Here we **** go.

Thanks tortuga this is amazing.

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This is great for when you wanna spam everyone with 0's and other annoying asf T2S stuff in chat.

Having fun already
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This is so cool and a great find for sure. Very nice. Thanks tortuga!
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Some amazing work here! This should 100% be stickied
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This is amazing man, put some time into I see thanks so much, bro.
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This is very cool. Awesome work.
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Damn there I am, Am I famous ?
Mom get the camera.

Great work Tortuga! amazing job, bookmarked already and can't wait to see more updates
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