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Hi, zz_Chronics here! First post!Posted:

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Hello, I'm zz_Chronics. My friend told me about this place and said that I should become a member of it! I'm not so familiar with the layout of this.. But I'll catch on soon enough. So bare with me haha. I'm a 17 y/o gamer and like to chill in parties on Xbox and meet new people! I'm about to start up a call of duty clan, and would like to have some pretty chill people in it! Umm, I watch YouTube and Netflix a lot, so I'm sure you'll see future 'Topic's about that soon enough! Hope to meet some chill people and learn more about the site!

P.s uhm, how do I get one of those cool title things? Someone's said 'Rated Awesome'. I like to think of myself as awesome so, how abouts do I go about getting that??

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Welcome boss, to get those cool titles you gotta be a beast, check out the site ranks and how to get them Here

Hope to see you around
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Welcome to TTG, Chronics! I do hope to see you around the Forums being active.
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Hey what's up man welcome to TTG you should hit the shoutbox sometimes don't if you get ya feelings hurt quick tho! Hope to see you around
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Welcome to the site man, Under the Awesome badge to obtain it states:
"Must be active in the community and stand out as a great member and role model. This badge is given out at the discretion of the Administration team and therefore has no set criteria to achieving it."

If you're determined you can get it in time for sure.
Hope to see you around and PM me if you have any questions!
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Welcome to the site man, PM me if you ever need anything or pop in the shoutbox for a chat.

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Welcome to the site - i look forward to see your contributions going into the future
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Welcome to the site bro, hope you stick around!
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