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Recently I have been thinking of quitting football. Hardest thing I have ever thought about. I want to follow my dads foot steps and play D-1 ball. but recently I haven't been feeling it, i'm not as passionate. I dread going to practice in the morning, I count down the time until practice is over. It doesn't help that I recently have been moved from my position that I have been playing since 3rd grade. I hate my new position, I hate it. All this has been on my mind for the longest time, I dont know how to talk to my parents, they want me to keep playing. This is just had on me, I don't want to disappoint anyone... any thoughts?
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Its better to do what you think is best for you, sure your parents will be disappointed initially but at the end of the day its your life and your call
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at the end of the day, you need to do whatever makes you happiest.

i myself thought about quitting hockey (or not trying to go to college for hockey) near the middle of my senior year. i hadn't gotten any offers from any schools, my coach wasn't really helping sell me to any coaches, and I didn't really know what to do as far as reaching out myself. so I kind of just came up with the idea that I would move back home (to SC, I was in Maine at the time) and just go to college and move on with my life. this was a sport that I had played my entire life growing up. only 3 guys before me who had grown up in SC had gone on to play NCAA hockey and I wanted to join that group.

the idea started to effect my play, my drive to compete, my character, my passions, everything. in my mind, why would i keep putting in the work for something that I wasn't going to continue after the season.

then i got an offer from my current school. the only school that offered me to play college hockey. my dream was finally coming true. my attitude changed, my play picked up, and i'm happy that I didn't fully give up and just throw everything away.

you need to understand 1080 that you have a special gift. having the gift of being such a great ball player and possibly having the opportunity to play D-1, thats crazy. people would kill to be in your position. maybe you being moved to a new position is the start of a new chapter in your sport life. maybe if you keep at it, you'll be better at this new position than you were at your old one.

i would give it time before you consider quitting. you need to not think about what would happen if you were to quit, but rather relax and just play ball. just go have fun and enjoy your time on the field. give it some time and if you still feel like it's not your thing anymore, then maybe it isn't. but i wouldn't throw everything away because of a slump.

pick your head up and give it some time.

but in the end, do what makes you happiest, no need to live life with any regrets.

best of luck
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I would try out a few other positions before you hang up the cleats if I were you. What position do you play atm? WR? DE? Even if you lose your passion, try to get that scholarship. But, I think a change of scenery (position change) is what you need. Find out what you like to play. Good luck my dude.
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It's almost always better to do what you think is right for you. If you don't want to play football, that's YOUR decision.

Now, if this is just about being tired of practice and stuff, keep your chin up bud. All of this pays off for you in the future, if that's what you want to happen. I used to play football way back when and I loved to play it, I was an offensive lineman. It's a great sport, a bit brute, but still a great sport.

Is there something else you're interested in?
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It's your life. You know what's best for yourself
Don't let other people make choices about your life.
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