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Another One! Gold Giveaway!Posted:

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Hey guys, back with another gold giveaway. After with speaking to Luke, I have an extra 24 hours for this giveaway, as I'm trying to get the funds for it. Since he gave me the extra time, I will be giving gold to roughly 6-10 people instead of one. So be aware, you might win.
Remember reps and thanks are not required to enter, but highly appreciated.

Good luck to you all, God bless, and have a great day!

Thanks Luke.

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Nice to see another giveaway man, keep it up bro
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I'll enter. Thanks
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Ill enter, im about to run out so why not.

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What are we winning, I'll enter.
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Ill enter this giveaway
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Count me in
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I'll enter man
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You already gifted me but might as well enter!! Thanks Jass!
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Enter me into this. Cheers man.
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