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Tomorrowland Unite stage up in flames.Posted:

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I'm guessing most people and especially music lover's are familiar to the music festival "Tomorrowland". After Tomorrowland comes Tomorrowland Unite. The same festival but spread over 5-6 cities. This year being Israel, Lebanon, Malta, South-Korea, Spain and Taiwan. (Spain and Taiwan now cancelled)

Yesterday on the 29th July the main stage was engulfed in flames after a "technical difficulty" in the pyrotechnic's area. People saying the stage "exploded"

It has been released that 22,143 people have been evacuated with no reported injuries as of yet. Thankfully the blaze was put out by emergency services.

More on this below
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i guess you could say it was lit
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would be pretty cool if you were on drugs
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Glad to hear nobody was hurt. Must say it looks pretty cool
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That was a serious technical issue. Glad to read that nobody was injured and that nothing else happened throughout the festival.
It was so lit, fam.
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