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Should I make this case in the United States?

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Should I? Thinking of manufacturing new case in USA.Posted:

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Hey guys! I am an American living in Moscow. I created a PC Desk case here that is in demand, and I was wondering what the opinion would be to manufacture and sell it in the USA would be. Some quick specifications:

    *It is 1220 mm wide (48"), 750 (30") mm deep and 780mm (31") tall.
    *It has integrated fast wireless charging on the left rail (so just set your phone on it and it charges),
    *There are also two front panels; the ones on the left are 2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, Mic, Headphone, Power, Reset and the latest version features USB-C / Thunderbolt.
    *The right panel, people have their choice of Asus ROG front panel or the Thermaltake Commander. To make it look perfect, we dissasemble these components and integrate them into the desk. That's why in the photo, the ROG panel has the buttons on the right instead of underneath.
    *The latest version has acrylic sandwiched between the side and a metal skin to give a REALLY cool lighting effect. I am making tables for NVidia, Asus and MSI Russia with these features so when they are done, I will post them if you are curious. But below I will include the latest render of the new version
    *Integrated monitor stand mount that is capable of supporting 3 monitors
    *Made from 1.5mm thick steel - it's heavy as hell, but ROCK solid. The feet and monitor stand are made from 2mm thick steel.
    *Removable floor pans and motherboard tray for super easy cable management

So anyways, let me know your opinions. I have always read this forum for answers and never asked questions; I guess it's a good time to start. If the general opinion is favorable, I will work on manufacturing in the USA for USA sales. Oh, the price - I think in the United States, this would retail for right around $1200. Here it retails for $1700 (everything is a LOT more expensive in Russia) Have a great day!
Image of the current desk:
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Just a disclaimer: HYPERPC is a custom PC building customer here in Russia that I brand the desks for - that website is not mine. My site is

And for the latest render with the acrylic and skin:
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If you want to see the full web page for the table, it can be found HERE... sorry, it's in Russian but you can Google Translate it. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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