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Any good gaming chairs that are under $100?Posted:

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I'm looking for a decent gaming chair that actually doesn't hurt your butt or back while gaming for long sessions I can't seem to find any decent ones in my area so I'm asking here. I'm currently using a fold up chair that's pretty shit it's uncomfortable as hell. So my budget is $100 any recommendations receives 100 rep. Thank you

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Mai (09-20-2017)
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BestMassage RC1 Gaming High-Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair - Blue [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

There is also a red version of this chair.
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A desk chair would do
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I've just got a simple leather office chair from Ikea. Does the job alright, most office chairs will do IMO
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i just use a poop Walmart chair tbh but the one Me linked is good
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I've been looking for a chair as well so I will definitely be looking forward to the replies on here! Thanks to everyone who gives some input on this!
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I've been using an officer chair that cost around $95 from staples a few years back and I love it!
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Just grab a 30$ chair from tescos problem solved
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I would like a decent chair but they're all so damn expensive.
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