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Do you come here for the modding or the news?

38.46% (5 votes)
38.46% (5 votes)
23.08% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 13

What do you come to the tech game for?!Posted:

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So I've been a member on this website for quite a while now but never really made an impact here, When I first made my account it was to discover the world of modding but I mainly come here now a days to see the news within the gaming world, was wondering what everyone else comes here for!

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it was back when i was playing mw2. i kept killing some kid and he told me that he would get TTG to hack my account so i would never see it again, so i looked up the TTg and here i am havent looked back since
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I come here to read about gaming news, world news whenever someone posts about it and I used to have an RGH but I sold it forward.

I'm pretty much on TTG every day, browsing the forums and in the Shoutbox as well.
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Gaming News , Peoples gf topics and shoutbox
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to offer mods to ttg and to sit in SB
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I used it for Video game news until as of recent getting back into it to sit in the shoutbox all day
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Never was here for mods. Always for random topics that interested me.
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To talk to people but don't do that often anymore. Not sure. Although, if you're asking years ago, around 2010-2011 I would come here for MW2 modded lobbies. Loved those days tbh.
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i just come here to laugh.
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