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Bare with me here, I'm not very "experienced" with things like this. What is it? Does everyone get it, or just a select few? I've got it twice now.


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It is just like the Shoutbox rep fairy except there is no badge for it every so often you will hear the wand noise and you will recieve +200 rep points. You get it from browsing the fourms at random.
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I haven't got it yet but yeah it come's around every once in a while to a select few.
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I believe it's when you are active on the forums and the fairy decides to bless you that day. Same with the shoutbox if you are active and not away.

Good shit man.

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Random rep take it in your stride
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Wow I knew nothing about this this is pretty dope
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I got this earlier, Never heard of it before
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I've never had it from the forum, just the SB and News section
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As other users have said, it's similar to the shoutbox rep fairy except rewards people who are active within the forums. We also have the news rep fairy.

Note: Only the shoutbox rep fairy counts towards the shoutbox hero badge.
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