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Not new but need new forum friends! Posted:

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Hey guys my name is Ricky and I am 19! I really haven't gotten to much one on one talks or anything much with a lot of people on here but I really love the community and would like to make some buddies!!!!!! So if you guys see this rn don't be fake and add me on Xbox One and lets hang out!!!


Thank you guys for everything TTG!

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If you want Xbox friend's
1. You should post in Xbox section for best result
2. Actually display your Gamertag.
I don't have Xbox so can't add you srry.
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Hey lets be friends.
Add me on Xbox my Gamertag is my TTG username.

What I play on the Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto V
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Black Ops 1
Black Ops 2

What I play on the Xbox One

UFC 1 & 2
Watch Dogs 1
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
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Im online all the time bro, catch me in the shoutbox for a chat, ill add you up on xbox too.
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im down. i got u that CS6 for free too lol so we can craft some banners together
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We could play Xbox sometime.

I think I've already seen you in the shoutbox too so hopefully you stick around and stay active now.

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I'll add you but I rarely go on it (usually my brother's on it) but if I do go on we could play, FIFA, UFC, meh can't think of anything else. Or Civilization Revolution on the 360.
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Ill add you!!! I just bought a new one so Im also in need of friends, my gt is Hyltn
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I'd be happy to be your friend

Welcome to ttg
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add some people on ttg and start talking, or go into the sb easiest way to make friends
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