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Free XP and Camo Lobby - Xbox 360 + One [CLOSED]Posted:

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CLOSED for now

Gamertag: (updated in description of stream) on this channel: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
1. Open Xbox 360 Guide | To do this on Xbox One, click back and start at the same time
2. Click 'Chat'
3. Click Private Chat 1
4. Search my Gamertag
5. Send the Chat request
6. Click on my Private Chat - View Profile
7. Join Session in Progress

It will keep kicking you, every time you get kicked rejoin.
To get DIAMOND camos, unlock all your weapons at level 55 and join the game.
***Make sure to play a full legit game after to make camos and XP stick***

Issues with my lobbies? Read this:

Players struggling to prestige to max:
ok so this is a quick and easy one , for any players in your lobby who are going for max prestige but are saying they can't prestige ( they need to be the prestige before max and full level 55) they will struggle to find the prestige unlock on barracks ( the menu but that let's you prestige ) to solve this and to make it visible is the player NEEDS to join a game and finish it , doesn't matter if they join half way through etc as long as they can get some xp they are all good. Once they have done that and the game finishes the after report will pop up and will tell you that you can prestige and boom just like the the prestige option is now visable on the barracks section.
Hope this part makes sense if not let me know and I'll try to make it make more sense.

*How to make XP stick*
If XP isn't sticking when you first join, the most simple fix is to restart your Xbox and complete your current level legit.
-When the players join the lobby and you start it , it kicks every one right. now here's the important bit the players who join back they need to sit in the select a class option for about 5 second ( just count to five) then spawn in. That will make their new rank stick, I have been doing this all day flawlessly. ALSO PLAY A FULL LEGIT GAME BEFORE GOING OFFLINE

Diamond camo not sticking?
Now the diamond camo part:
The players who want diamond camo have to be level 55 max ( doesn't matter what prestige) and they need to have UNLOCKED every weapon ie primary +secondary ( anything that can have camo ) if they have met the requirements then when you host the diamond camo it will stick to them and only them ! Any one who doesn't meet the requirements it will not work for at all ! Trust me I've been trying this for 20hrs+ now.
Now for the really important bit :
Once you have made sure the players who want diamond gave met the require ments, start the diamond + xp lobby when they get kicked the player has to 1. Check if they have unlocked diamond ( if not they obviously haven't met the requirements )
2. If diamond is unlocked they need to equip it to a gun( any gun will do ) then they need to head over to a online public match, again any lobby will do
3. Once they are in the game they need to either kill someone or them self then leave

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I Every time I try and join it says that the session is no longer available
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