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Destiny 2 Kill-Tracker Ghost Pre-Order TrailerPosted:

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Coldheart isnt the only Destiny 2 pre-order bonus, by the way.

Destiny 2 pre-orders come with a variety of bonuses depending on where you choose to splash your early cash.

Everyones talking about this today for two reasons. First is that Bungie revealed the Coldheart exotic trace rifle exclusive to Destiny 2 pre-orders. This applies to all pre-orders, everywhere, whether its digital, retail, standard or a fancy edition. It was probably announced to sweeten the deal now that the Destiny 2 beta has concluded, as that was previously one of the key pre-order bonuses.

The other reason is that GAME released a video of another Destiny 2 pre-order bonus in action. Behold the Kill-tracker Ghost:

So how do you get the Kill-tracker Ghosts? This is where it all gets a bit messy, because the Kill-tracker Ghost and salute emote are spread out across various retailers, so that its difficult to get both in one purchase if you want a physical game box.

For example, in Australia JB Hi-Fi is offering the salute emote with all Destiny 2 pre-orders, while EB Games is offering the Kill-Tracker Ghost with pre-orders of its steelbook bundle edition, which replaced the sold out Limited Edition, in addition to the Cayde-6 figure its giving away with all Destiny 2 pre-orders.

Meanwhile, if you want everything, digital pre-orders of Destiny 2 through, the PlayStation Store or Xbox One marketplace include the salute emote, Kill-tracker Ghost as well as the Coldheart exotic trace rifle but not the figures many retailers are offering, of course.

Just to make the situation just that little bit more confusing, digital Destiny 2 pre-orders through the PlayStation Store also include a dynamic theme. Got to keep one-upping Xbox as part of Sony and Activisions sweetheart deal, hey.

So what you should you do? Goodness knows. Heres one thing, though: as Arekkz points out in his video on Destiny 2 pre-order bonuses below, in the fine print we can see that the Coldheart will be available to everyone else from December 5. Unfortunately we dont know whether it will be sold or just unlocked or what or whether the other bonuses will stay exclusive to pre-orders. Its tempting to assume not, although the red Ghost shell that came as a bonus with some editions of Destiny was exclusive for a full year.

In any case: what a mess! This is almost Ubisoft levels of confusion. Destiny 2 comes out on September 6 for consoles at which point we can put this whole thing behind us and get on with playing it, which will be nice.
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wow this is crazy thank you for all this info tho
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