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Leaked Destiny 2 Trailer Reveals a Second Social SpacePosted:

  • E3 2017
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A Destiny 2 trailer that premiered exclusively at the recent San Diego Comic-Con may have alluded to a second social space for the shooter.

Thanks to Reddit user Warhunterkiller, an off-screen recording of the trailer managed to sneak its way out of Comic-Con. While the quality of the video means its not too easy to make out whats happening in the trailer, it seems to contain some behind-the-scenes footage from the games production, including shots of actor Lance Reddick capturing the voice of Titan Vanguard Commander Zavala for a never-before-seen cinematic. Motion capture for the character is also in the video, but that is performed by someone other than Reddick.

The cut-scene is which Commander Zavala is participating takes place on Titana moon of Jupiter and one of the locations confirmed for Destiny 2. According to the trailers narration, the scene is set in a command center on the planet, suggesting the possibility that another social space in addition to the Farm will provide respite for weary Guardians.

The video can be found below, though it may well have been taken down by the time you try to watch.

The attack on the Tower referenced by Zavala was the event that set up the opening mission for the recent Destiny 2 public beta, giving console players a taste of the situation Zavala is facing. PC players will also get a chance to defend the Tower, with PC beta dates recently announced as August 28th.

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