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Apple Watches ?Posted:

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This is a very random topic, but I can't decide on what to do. So I decide to come to TTG where everyone has their opinions and reasonings behind things. Soooo with that being said.

Do you think apple watches are worth it? Anything you like about them? Dislike about them? Anything you wanna mention?

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Mikey (07-29-2017)
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tbh i just think apple watches are pointless, there just for show.
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I think they are okay. For the price I wouldn't buy it. My family got one for my moms bday, she loves it. You can text and call off of it. You can play some games on it. They got some good stuff about it, but for the price, it's not worth it to me. But that's my preference.
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Get a classy watch. Not a Apple Watch. There is no point, and everyone with an Apple Watch is normally an asshole.
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I personally don't think it's worth it. I bought one a couple years back for about $350 I believe and definitely could've spent it on something better. Yeah it's nice if you have an iPhone so you can link them together and use the watch to text/call, but that's one of the very few things I liked about it. Again, it was a couple years ago that I got it so things could've changed, but that's my experience with it.
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Had one, sold it 2 months later.

There completly useless and get boring quick
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Also had one for a few months and sold it too a friend, definitely didn't live up to its hype. Wouldn't waste your money.
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I don't think there worth it honestly because the fitbits are basically the same thing and there cheaper tbh
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Android watches look better
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I bought me a 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 (Nike+ Edition), totally not worth it.
At first you think, I'm gonna use it for so much stuff and it will make my days easier and better. Yeah sure it does in some kind of way, but mark my words.

If you're not having a office job with a lot of meetings/calls:
After 2-4 weeks you will not wear it that much anymore as you used to.

Ending of that, I sold it.
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