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List of what i need (Help)Posted:

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How do i put this...
i need help deciding what menus i need as im not that great with modding
I recently bought a rgh and will arrive soon
List of games i need menus for
[email protected]
help is greatly appreciated and also what is a good tool?
i would prefer cheaper stuff and for menus free would be great
will +rep
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MW2: iKonroi has never failed me or Blue Sky v3.1
MW3: Have always used mod tools you can find one on youtube
AW: Never modded it
BO1: I use BO1 Sh*t Menu
BO2 : Jiggy menu but you need a ban bypass
BO3 : Never modded
[email protected]: Always used a patch called S*x Doll mod menu
GTA V : Try checking out Sky Acro
GHOSTS: I use Legacy mod menu

Modding tool wise there is Apparition Net which is $25 but supports all of these games with mods.

For games such as Advanced Warfare or BO3 I have never used a mod menu but XBOX360LSBEST has a mod tool that is free which covers both of those games you can check that one out.

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Chaotic360 is a great tool to have, $20 for lifetime is also a great price. Brings a section for each Call of Duty from CoD 4 up to Advanced Warfare.

For Black Ops 2, I always used Jiggy Menu and it was a very fun menu to use. The poster above me has the rest of the menus covered.
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