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TayK47 - A kid on the come up with a shady past.Posted:

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Warning Explicit Content
The video below is basically a song where TayK47 snitches on himself and poses next to a wanted poster with his name and picture on it. Not going to lie but this kid has balls.

TAYK47 a child goon from Texas.

Who is TAYK47?

TAYK47 otherwise known as Taymor Mcintyre is a 17 year old kid from Arlington, Texas. He is/was a rapper who is currently on the rise in the hip-hop rap scene. His music is centered around a very gangster style of life where drugs and guns are extremely glorified (hence his name). He also was on the run from U.S Marshalls for a very serious charge that I will get into in a minute. But he's gained the attention of many big rappers including XXXTentacion, Lil Bibby, and much more.
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TAYK47's Flow
Tay K has a very similar flow to Chicago artists. It's really grimey and fast-paced with a story to tell.
In my opinion his flow is a mirror of RondoNumbaNine a big rapper from Chicago. The way he spits gets me really hyped and allows me to appreciate his musical talent. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

TAYK47's criminal record

Taylor Mcintyre has basically ruined his life at this point. He's been arrested for capital murder and two assault charges. If you want the more grim details on his charges here's a video explaining it all.

How did TAYK47 blow up?

I believe that in THE RACE video blew up due to a rapper named Diego Money. He shared TAYK47's Music on twitter and from there tons of teens and adults flooded with him mass attention and now he's gained a very big following.

Personally, I enjoy his short selection of music but I don't agree with what he's done in his life.
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Seems like rappers always blow up when they're dead or when they're in prision
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His problem's probably fueled his rap career greatly.
Sadly he got himself in some s**t.
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