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Gran Turismo Sport: How You Can Pimp Your RidePosted:

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Gran Turismo Sport Gives Us A Fresh New Look At How You Can Pimp Your Ride

Gran Turismo has always been more than simply placing first in a circuit race. Just getting the hang of the controls--especially if you want to learn race driving on manual--is a game in of itself. That's why one of the largest components of Gran Turismo Sport's campaign is a multi-phase tutorial where you not only learn how to drive, but also how to drive honorably. We were also not surprised to learn that there's also a section that educates you on the various turns and nuances of each track. Like a professional driver, committing the unique shapes and contours of these courses to memory is essential to victory.

Our latest video demo didn't end there, though. We tried our hand at the Photoshop-inspired Livery Editor, where we played around with car colors and slapping our very own GameSpot logo on a Mercedes. When you're satisfied with your custom designs, you can take your work of art into Gran Turismo Sport's photo mode, titled Scapes. The series pioneered photo modes and this latest take uses over a thousand real life backgrounds so you can flaunt your ride to your friends online. There's no word yet on whether users can submit their own backdrops.

You can play around with GameSpot's logo on Gran Turismo Sport's myriad vehicles when it ships exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on October 17, 2017.
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