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Sak's Gold Giveaway- CLOSEDPosted:

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Whats up guys, recently just got my account back and in celebration I'll be giving away gold to one lucky nerd or maybe two

To enter just comment below and ill do the little thing and pick based off the number of your post. Winner will be picked 7/28 at 8 EST


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Why not
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Count me in fam

Thanks for the opportunity

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I'll join in for sure thanks
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  • Summer Giveaway
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Enter me please I like stuffs
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I'll enter cuz I wanna change my name and my gold expires in like 3 days lol
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I'll enter for this. Thanks for the giveaway man!
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Count me in man, great to see you give back to the community

Thanks you
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  • Christmas!
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Ill enter why not. Lets see if I can get gifted gold twice
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  • Christmas!
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I'll gladly enter this!
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