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Technology progressionPosted:

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Here's one of those shower thoughts I quite frequently think about.

In 100 years, 1900 to 2000, we saw an insane amount of technological progression from things like cars and the internet, to radio waves and vacuum cleaners, we invented more in that era than ever before in human history.

Do you guys think we will continue to advance in technology or do you think we're going to go back to a stalemate and it will be a long time before another large burst of technological advancement?

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Absolutely Not I think we have got alot more coming our way man, really cant imagine whats going to be out there in the year 3000. Scary if you think about it
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With the way modern society is evolving and becoming more dependent on technology, I believe that there will be a continuing growth of technological advances throughout the coming years.

While time passes, new machines need to be invented to fit certain necessities and wants of society. For example, in the 1900s, I'm quite sure that nobody really cared about how "pure" their water was until somebody decided to test the purity of drinking water and noticed that it could be purified even more, then came the water filter (or filters since there are many different kinds and brands) that we know today. Why was this? Because there was a necessity for purer, cleaner drinking water.

All in all, if society continues to grow, technological advances will continue to bloom.
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I think it will continue to evolve, but I think we could make it quicker if we space exploration things. I agree with Neil Tyson when he says that getting someone to Mars can inspire an entire generation to get into science. The more minds we have behind science, the faster, and potentially better, our advancements can be. Electric, self driving cars are one thing that is going on right now that shows where we can be in the future. A.I. is probably the one technological advancement that I fear for in the future. I hope they manage to get it right. It could be the most valuable tool or one of the worst weapons. I'm leaning towards the latter of most likely to happen.
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Crazy to see difference in the past few year's and can only imagine the next 1000. I feel thecnoology isin't all good either though.
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I think we'll advance but not as drastically
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Mikey wroteAbsolutely Not I think we have got alot more coming our way man, really cant imagine whats going to be out there in the year 3000. Scary if you think about it

Couldn't agree more!
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We have a long way to go and we are advancing very quickly. It just does not seem like a lot of progress because not everything is available for consumers.
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Honestly I feel like it's going to advance I mean every 2 years we get new iPhones with all different things smart TVs bro !! Like just imagine what else they can think of and make happen
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Technology will always be changing/improving. That being said, the things that will be advancing are going to be different than the past 10 years.

For example, for the last decade processor power and transistor density has been improving exponentially. This is still happening, but not at the rate like it used to. For example, intels chips for the past 2-3 generations have between 10-18% better performance each time. This is what I consider marginal.
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