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What I saw freaked me out.Posted:

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Last night in was going to work at 2.30am in was waiting for a friend to cone pick me up and in was looking up at the stars and all of a sudden I saw the small object going at a fair speed not to slow but quick enough to see it for 30 seconds.

basically I saw something fly across the sky away up where the stars where it would flash evey 5 seconds. this wasn't a plane as it was too far up and the light basically matched the stars light, and the fact it was way to fast to be a plane

anyone know what this would be
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Only can be one thing
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A satellite? A shooting star? An alien spaceship gathering information about our race so that they can soon take control of our planet to consume the riches of the land and sea?
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A Helicopter probably.
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shooting star
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Either a fighter jet or civi plane, it's strobes flash around 3-5 seconds.
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Could have been the international space station.. Idk anything bout that stuff though.
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Either a shooting star or a plane

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Sandy claws
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It was definitely aliens
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