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The way life works.Posted:

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I believe that when you die, You come back as a baby in the same world. Kind of like a video game, I also think the reason this is true is due to everyone having Deja Vu atleast once.

What are your thoughts on this?
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That theory doesn't really account for the growing population, where are the babies who were never born before coming from if the people who are born before become babies??

reincarnation is a hell of a theory friend
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I have always thought of it the same, but when oh are reborn you have the same knowledge as when you died, and that's how I think everything technology and shit like that was created, they all died and came back with the knowledge on how to create it
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I believe in reincarnation tbh.
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I think once you are dead, you are dead. You cease to exist just as you didn't before you were born. The only thing I see as a potential possibility is maybe your consciousness develops again at some point. That would be unlikely though.
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Nah bruh, you dead then you dead..
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Deja vu has completely reasonable explanations which don't invoke the supernatural or reincarnation.

I think that people will convince themselves of just about anything to avoid facing the fact that they are just hunks of somewhat intelligent meat draped over fragile bones and that when you die you are gone forever.
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We all live in a simulation.

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-SunnyD- wroteThat theory doesn't really account for the growing population

Birth rates are down. We just live longer which is why the population is growing.
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when you die you're dead. you don't even know you're dead.
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