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Hi, I'm a Try HardPosted:

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Hi, I'm TryHardModeOn. I joined this website what seems like forever go.. as a small little USB modder at the age of like 14. Haven't been on for most of those years, maybe just to visit and see updates but I never signed in. Kinda got out of the gaming scene and got more into the car and motorcycle scene as a mechanic. But now, I've decided to get back into it a little bit and game more often, hopefully post more as well and help people! See you guys around.

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  • Christmas!
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Welcome back! Hope to see you around
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Welcome back to the Forums! I do hope to see you becoming active again and I'm sure most, if not all, of the active members who are on here today joined back in the day to try and find free mods lol.

Make sure to check out the "Vehicle Discussion" side of the Forums, you might even be able to help people out with mechanical issues even though that section isn't quite active.
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  • Summer Giveaway
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Welcome to the site, Stay active and I'll see you around!
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome man! Hope to see you around the forums
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Welcome back mate

Hope to see you around the site sometime.
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Welcome back mate, good to see oldies back.
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Welcome back m8.

Glad to see you stopped by the shoutbox for a few minutes.

Hope to keep seeing you around.

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  • 2 Million
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Welcome back man hope to see you around
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  • Halloween!
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Welcome back mate!
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