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Any DualNands for sale?Posted:

  • Christmas!
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Anybody got a dualnand for sale? Preferably with power brick and a harddrive . There's no budget so don't hold back on what you have!

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Rodent_Modz (07-26-2017)
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Don't have a dual nand however I'm selling a Trinity RGH if you're interested? Lmk.
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If you are in the US, send Rodent_Modz a PM. I don't know if he has any available at the moment, but if he doesn't, he can definitely get it done.

If you are in the UK, send IVIoNoXiDe a PM. I don't know if he does dual nand services, but doesn't hurt to ask.
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As far as im aware Rodent is like the only one that does duel nands because they are quite challenging,

I would contact him for a duel nand but just keep in mind that its not going to be cheap!
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I sell them and have them in stock
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Buy from Rodent, He is the best seller on here!
You will not be disappointed with your purchase, You will receive the best quality console possible
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I have a dual nand Trinity also available. Me and Rodent both do them
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Dual nands are dumb literally cheaper to buy another 360 in most cases and even then why would you need a "second system"
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