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bo3 easter eggs (excluding ZC)Posted:

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I am happy to help on any of the standard 4 dlc maps and SoE EE im on xbox one my GT is xT magic x if we are planning to complete gorod krovi Der eisendrache or revelations i strongly recommend that you have some near death experiences self medication phoenix up and aftertaste Stacked up for either the bomb step nikolai boss fight and der eisendrache boss fight

Note if der eisendrache is your chosen map for ee i will be having wolf bow and someone will need to hold a zombie when we do the wisp step part one and two

2nd Note i have completed all EE's on the four dlc maps and soe so on rev if you havent got the 100k(dont quote me on that amount) worth of XP YOU WILL EARN THAT AND THE CALLING CARD Plus the 25k worth of xp. Also dont fret about steps i have steps jotted down for revelations soe der eisendrache and zns gorods is tricky to jot down as a step will sometimes glitch out and wont allow you to complete the rest of the ee until we complete two lockdowns and/or not everyone has the baby dragon from the dragon egg challenge in their special weapon slot......

I Will change title to x amount of people needed for Map e.g zns message me saying your preferred map i will try to fit everyone in but if it gets too late (im a uk gamer) i will not being doing anymore for that night i will only play when i feel up for zombies so if im on another game other than cod i will not respond til im done playing that game so dont spam me you will be blocked and removed from doing any easter egg with me until further notice of that block/ban from my sessions (this means parties back compat bo2 ee's bo1 any other game you want me to do easter eggs on WILL NOT BE HAPPENING)
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