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5,000 Posts FinallyPosted:

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Well, I've finally hit 5k posts. Funny to think I've been less than 100 posts away for about 3 months. Just takes forever to post nowadays, not like the old v4 days where you could refresh every 30 seconds and there was a new topic.

Not making much of a milestone thread because I'm very close to 1000 Rep, and I'll have a big post at that time.

The two people I would like to thank would be Xbox and Nodus for yelling at me to spam the forums until I got here today.

Like I said, close to 1k rep, so let's get that good stuff flowing in?

#1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype
#1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype #1KRepHype

The Following 20 Users Say Thank You to Taylor For This Useful Post:

Boundless (07-25-2017), Conservative (07-25-2017), -Busolini- (07-25-2017), prodigy (07-25-2017), Xbox (07-25-2017), LGW (07-25-2017), Gavin- (07-25-2017), RepBandit (07-25-2017), Skates (07-25-2017), Madam (07-25-2017), Adam (07-25-2017), Hyde (07-25-2017), Kyle (07-25-2017), Mikey (07-25-2017), Nodus (07-25-2017), KingTaco (07-25-2017), Chat (07-25-2017), Fold (07-25-2017), Greg (07-25-2017), Lily (07-25-2017)
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Grats mate Nice to see you there at long last mate! See you at 1K rep soon
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Congrats on 500 dinglongos + 0 on the end = 5000
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Congrats man, see you at 100 rep!
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Congrats on 5k posts Taylor and lets hopefully get you within today or tomorrow to 1k rep. Sent you some more now
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WOOOOOW!! Thats alot of spams mate, keep it up sure ill see you at 10k spams soon
+125 might help you get 1k
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Congrats on the 5K posts, Taylor. I've been trying to get you to 1k rep but I'd need a lot more help. But you'll get there soon enough.
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Congrats on 5,000 man and I hope we see that 1k rep soon man Congrats!
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