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It's been 6 long years |200 Posts|Posted:

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With this post itself, I've made the 200 post mark!

I know right?
Six years?
You've got to be kidding me.

I've been inactive for most of these years, but coming back I find a lot of the posts I see useful.
Great feeling being committed to sharing experiences and knowledge with people around the community, glad to be back.

See you guys at the 500 Post mark, and who knows... Maybe I'll apply enough useful information to the forums to reach the 50 Rep mark before-then.

Thanks for the support, I'll keep Sendin' it.

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Well as long as you're sendin' it man! Congrats!
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200 posts 6 years. Seems legit:)

Hope to see you at 500 soon
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you keep sendin' it and you'll be good to go glad to have you back and congrats on 200!
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Congrats mate hope to see you around
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Grats on 200 posts, and a 6 year member bro, hope to see you more active mate :-)
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I was on the same boat. I found out about this account's existence about 2 months and a half ago. I was at 6 posts and no rep whatsoever and I became active and here I am now, almost 2K posts.

You'll be at 500 posts in no time and I do hope you stick around the Forums, being active.
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Congrats my dooood
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congrats man, I will be getting to 6 years.
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congratz on 200 my man
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