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Just beat Halo 3 on LegendaryPosted:

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Just picked Halo for the first time in a couple years and beat it on Legendary. What nostalgia, anyone else here have that accomplishment? I did it before but figured I give it another go around on my new account to get the armor. Also got the 4 for 425g to go along with it. I'm playing on 360 by the way,
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I remember beating Halo 3 on Legendary for the first time.
I might have to re-give it a try.
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Best halo moment for me was playing fatman etc in custom..
Also the road to recon was fantastic
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gives me the chills thinking about the glory days. unreal game.
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Never beat Halo 3 on Legendary, I did beat it on the 2nd highest, I believe it's Heroic? I heat ODST, Reach and 5 on the high difficulties though.

Haven't played the game in years, would be nice to maybe buy it again and give it a go.
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Man, do I miss Halo 3. It's good to know that later this year, the whole Halo series will be made backwards compatible (the games that were on 360). I can't wait to jump back into it and play all the maps I knew and loved.

Never beat the campaign on Legendary, though. I pretty much just focused on the multiplayer; it's been so long I don't even remember exactly how multiplayer was.
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nice i remember being a halo nerd back when i was lik 8. prety sure i completed them all on all difficulties up to reach. grats tho
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Pic's or didn't happen...
Joke. Completing game's on hardest difficulty is always hard, frustrating and time consuming. Congrats!
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Oh man I remember playing online 4 people to beat it. Think it tooks us a couple nights
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