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Finally hit 300 rep (3 cheese blocks!)Posted:

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Finally Hit 300 rep woot woot!

Thanks List

Streamah for being the bro and the final push
-Simplicity for being the homie and fellow sticky
Moose (Famous) for being my fav mod.
Prod (Prodigy) for being my other fav mod and for turning ghost on me, jk jk.
RepBandit for the gfx and being chill.
XeReviver, you left me
Sakon for helping the people in the COD forum and taking the stress off me.
ZZ9_X_iHaXoRzZ hope I spelled it right lmao but for the lovely tool without you I dont know where I would be with all theses sales.
and anyone else I am missing im sure theres quite a few but im lazy rn.

The Following 17 Users Say Thank You to XeCookie_ For This Useful Post:

SuperHeroes (07-24-2017), Battleship (07-24-2017), KingTaco (07-24-2017), ZZ9_x_iHaXoRZz (07-23-2017), dah (07-23-2017), Jass (07-23-2017), RepBandit (07-23-2017), Sakon (07-23-2017), Ryzen (07-23-2017), Boundless (07-23-2017), Mikey (07-23-2017), Xbox (07-23-2017), XeReviver (07-23-2017), Hero (07-23-2017), prodigy (07-23-2017), Streamah (07-23-2017), Lily (07-23-2017)
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One of the few people i met out of thousands that i can talk to like a brother , much respects to you and keep killing it in those COD forums. #Cookie4Trusted

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Congrats on hitting 300 rep mate
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Congrats on the 300 rep, Cookie. I gave you +75 to start you on the road to 400 rep.
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Well done man, hopefully I can get to 200 soon, here's +50 to start you of for 400
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Congrats on the new cheese block mate
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Congrats on hitting the 3 cheese blocks! See you at 400
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Congrats on 300 rep.
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300? Nice FGE shite man ;)

Anyways congrats on having 3 beautiful pieces of cheese
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grats on your cheese man, see you at your next milestone.
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