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Which theme do you use?

Light & Clear
41.38% (12 votes)
Dark & Serious
58.62% (17 votes)

Total Votes: 29

question for all TTG Members!Posted:

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I am curious about which theme you guys use here on TheTechGame. Do you use Dark & Serious or Light & Clear? if you don't know what I am talking about you can actually choose between two themes for TTG by clicking QUICK LINKS on the top left of your page and under theme colors there is two options to choose from.
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light or dark what? c
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Cyberbullies wrotelight or dark what? c

He's talking about the site theme you have on. If it's the white one, you're on "Light & Clear". If it's the black one, you're on "Dark & Serious".

Personally, I love using Dark & Serious. I've tried to use Light & Clear but just can't get used to it.
Dark & Serious is the omega theme.
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dark and serious lol

its better for the eyessssssssssssss
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Dark and Serious.
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Dark & Serious. I've had dark themes on my PCs for as long as I could remember. I think a year or two ago someone made a dark theme for TTG with TamperMonkey and I used that for a little bit. After I switched to a 4k monitor, dark themes were a must because that shit is bright. If no dark themes are on a site or program and it's bright as hell, next step is a be degenerate and wear sunglasses in doors while on my PC.

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I like them both. I switch back and forth from time to time.

Steek wrotedark and serious lol

its better for the eyessssssssssssss

Agreed! That + enable night light via Windows 10. Perf combo.
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Light and clear for me
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Always have Dark & Light, so much easier on my eyes than having a bright white school to constantly look at in my opinion.
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Dark and serious its easier to see.
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