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Random Photo i took recently opinions appreciatedPosted:

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Took this photo recently, gave it a spruce up in photoshop, and i think it looks quite nice the shadow on the right is too sharp i know but i dont know how to fix it, if anyone knows how i could do that i would be grateful. image size was too large to link anywhere but google drive XD

Many Thanks


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Mind if i use this for a manipulation?
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That's a neat photo man

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It's different, kinda hard to tell what you're looking at, at first
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Looks good man I like it.
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Looks pretty nice mate, great work.
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You can even see a spider web to the left lol
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Love how well the pictures have been taken! The detail looks good and like the user above saidnyiu can see the cob web
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What camera do you use bro?
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very nice photo
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