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Are You Enjoying The Beta?

76.92% (10 votes)
23.08% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 13

Open Beta For Destiny 2 Dropped, Thoughts?Posted:

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I Was A Huge Fan Of Destiny 1

Anyone Liking The Beta So Far?

Personally Really Enjoying it

For Anyone Wanting To Play My GT Is SLGW

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Simplisticle (07-21-2017)
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Haven't had a chance to play the beta yet, might just even wait for the full release to come out, just to busy with work atm.
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everything has been good but the crucible is garbage for real hopefully they will change it honestly its going to be the game killer so far
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Got super bored of the 1 strike and not a huge fan of PVP too much. Found the beta to be very very bare compared to the Destiny beta and yeah I do get that oh, Bungie doesn't want to show off too much of the game before release but would it have been bad if they added maybe a patrol mission? You something that wouldn't impact the main story and just basically let players get a better feel for the game.

Also, I have had a lot of people tell me that this is a beta and not a demo, and well they're right it's a beta but why would people think that because I said it was bare and would have liked to maybe have had a patrol in the beta I'm basically calling it a demo?
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Open beta was awesome, the game look refined and like a much better version of Destiny; I know not a lot will change since the original formula was great but it showed off enough to get me hyped.
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