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New Name Leave Your RatingsPosted:

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So I Got A New name now as im addicted to r6
-Doc backstory - i main doc whenever im defending and he is a great character and my granfather was a doc in the army
old name - Eli
please tell me what you think
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not bad. if you like it then thats all that matters
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I liked Eli better
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You shouldn't care what anybody thinks but it overall looks good

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Looks clean. As said, you shouldn't care what people think.

What's up doc
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I personally liked Eli better but it's what you like, but yeah -Doc is still a pretty cool name
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Eli was a cooler name since it didn't have the "-" but that's just me, being anal about a hyphen. It's still a pretty cool name.
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vv cool
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Love yourself , or nobody will.
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It's all about what you think bro. But all in all nice name
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