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Back after a breakPosted:

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Been gone for almost a year, and just figured I'd pop in and say hello to everyone.

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Become back mate, hope to see you active again,

pop into the shoutbox sometime for a chat Members_Shout.html
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In the same boat mate, just came back to the site a few days ago, hope to see you around
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back to the site! Hope to see you stay active this time! Make sure to give the rules a quick look again to refresh your mind
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Welcome back to this site dude, nice to see you and hopefully to see you around the forums.
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Welcome back man

Hopefully you stay active this time
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Hey, man. I hope you pop in and stay in, at least for a while.
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Welcome back, came back from a few breaks myself. Come by the SB sometime
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Welcome back man! I bet it's nice to be back
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