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Thoughts On This DesignPosted:

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Criticism welcome.

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It's very good, all that I would do is make the text less bold and remove the shadow around the red logo, other than that it's very good!
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Firstly, the Red logo scale should be decreased as it looks too big. Secondly, never add stroke unless needed too because 'many designers' say it ruins the design. Designer by clouds should be decreased in scale wise but make sure it's still visible. Finally, you should replace 'follow on twitter' with the actual twitter logo and place the twitter handle next to it.
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Not a fan of the texture on the red font
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It's pretty good, in my opinion not modern enough for today though.
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It looks decent, it looks pretty simple and clean.
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Absolutely killed that banner man, great work, you can see you have taken your time with it.
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It looks pretty decent but looks to squashed together.

Overall good design homie!
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Banner looks dope

Like how you managed to get your adds in their aswell man

Well done
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It's smart, but i'm just not a huge fan of the font.
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