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Finally got 100 RepPosted:

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It finally happend. I got 100 rep
I want to thank everybody that repped me, you all know who you are.
I would of made the effort and typed all of your names but I'm on my phone lol. A big thanks to all the people in the Shoutbox
Hopefully I can get to 500 posts now
Once again thanks

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Congratulations on reaching your first 100 rep pal

Well done
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Congrats on your first 100 rep, you'll be at 200 in no time.
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Congrats my dude
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Congrats man now its onto 200!
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Congrats on your first 100 rep snow.

See you at 500 posts in no time.

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Congrats on hitting 100 rep cya next time when you hit 200 rep and 500 posts
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Congrats man, that went up quick. Can't remember if I helped or not, good luck on 200
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Congrats on the milestone I can't wait to reach 100 myself.
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I would say gratz on hitting the 100 rep man, but only if you show a war face
See you at the next milestone buddy.

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