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Opinions? (Poster)Posted:

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Opinions on this poster?
Anything to add/fix?

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Xbox (09-04-2017)
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Really cool design dude! Are the soldiers in the image drawn by you or did you get them online?
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War shouldn't be colorful haha, pretty cool though
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280z wroteWar shouldn't be colorful haha, pretty cool though

Grass, sky, that could be fire in the back?
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Looks good as is mate, wouldn't really change anything.
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Like someone said above, it looks really colourful which looks cool.

Maybe dim it down abit
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Looks like it should of came with WWII
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I don't think the purple and the blue really fit the background, kind of makes it look unorganized.

Other than that I think its a really cool poster, but I would definitely change the colors of the background.
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Keep it how it is it's looks insane

I do wonder what it would look like if it was all black and white
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That's stunning man.
I would dim it down a bit tho
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