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I'm Brooklyn I twitch streamer I recent around 3 month ago started on twitch I'm I've been playing games all my life since the day I was able to hold a control because That was my passion and that's what I enjoy. My dream is that I'd like to be a twitch stream if you could help me that great if you don't then that's fine I can say I tried if you'd like to help me my twitch stream is [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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Welcome to the site, I'll be sure to check out your Twitch sometime
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Hope you enjoy your time here
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Welcome to TheTechGame mate if you ever need anything click the link below you can find me there

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welcome to TTG! Hope you enjoy it here
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Welcome to TTG, enjoy your time and stay active
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Welcome to this amazing place we call TTG. Enjoy your time here
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  • Christmas!
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I am currently watching your stream
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Welcome to TTG! we have cookies and ice cream too! Enjoy your stay and Pm if you need any help relating console issues!
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Welcome to the site mate
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