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If You Could Go Back To HS, What Would You Have Done?Posted:

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If you could go back to HS, what would you have done differently?

Practice for the basket ball team

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Be more social
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Not have a phase where I wore band bracelets lmao fm
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Get my head down and done more work
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Try harder the first two years
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I would have put some effort into my work
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Try harder in Tennis and maybe go to a D2 school.

But over the last couple years of thinking, I would not go back to HS even if I could.
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im in high school right now and if I could go back I would have budgeted my time better
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Try alot harder
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Tried harder.
I slacked my first 3 years and had to make up for it hard my senior year just to graduate on time.
All my friends had 2-4 classes and early release while I had a full schedule + a shit ton of extra online classes.
It was pretty lame.
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