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Whats Something You Truly RegretPosted:

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What is something you really regret?

I regret throwing away all the help I got from my parents (coaches, teams etc) to get me ready for the basketball team in highschool, I was young and I did not care, now it will forever hurt me because all they wanted was to be at their sons basketball games in HS but I threw it away.

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Stopped talking to a girl to get back with my current GF now
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Gaming. This isn't what life should be.
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Probably my Ex GF didnt put enough effort to make time for her/see her which is my fault.
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Not trying harder in my first years of HS
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Getting three stripes tattooed on my arm and staying at my in town high school instead of going to don Bosco just cuz I wanted to keep my friends lol
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I wasn't motivated in HS and now I'm seeing just what that can do to you even a few years after. I'm having to force my way up the ladder at a mostly dead end job, crossing my fingers that I can swoop in on a management position.
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sometimes i think about how i was a trouble kid, and got expelled.

didn't get to enjoy middle/highschool with people, only my close friends i knew from the get.

didn't get to meet new people or go out my boundaries, now all of them are drug dealers or in jail.

got home schooled around 5th grade to graduation, i guess the only thing i got out of it was 10th prestige in every cod at the time.
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I regret letting problems take over my life for a while
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Being friends with C4 on TTG. Jokes a side, maybe buying my Nike Air worth £100. I was despite to get a new pair of shoes but instead I went a bit ham. Haha
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