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8 year member of TTG today!Posted:

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So today I have hit the 8 year milestone on TTG! Hard to believe I joined this site 8 years ago when I was just 12 years old!

Wish I was a lot more active with posts through the years of being a member!

Been a good gaming community to be apart of through the years and here's to another few!

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Congrats on 8 years mate
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8 years is a load of time, congrats for being active for 8 years man!
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happy 8 year mate
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Thats pretty crazy youve been on this site from a kid to a adult...congrats
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I remember you congrats on 8 years!
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Congrats on 8 years old timer.
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dammm happy birthday mate so wish i had that badge
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8 year genre with 800 posts. Now bad! Congrats buddy.
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Congrats on 8 years, thats insane.
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