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Are You allowed to tell people to clicks on your adsPosted:

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I thought about telling about some of my friends to click on my Youtube ads but I'm wondering is that bad too, I know your not suppose to click on your own ads for money but can other people do it. I just really want to get to that $100 threshold adsense got and get $$$
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  • E3 2017
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No, people do have brains so if people do click on your minecraft adds they know what to come. We're no robots. Anybody in the world can click on your ads but most of us in the world use 'Ad Block' so it blocks out the ads well it does for me.
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  • Winter 2017
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Google Adsense will pick it up and block your ads completely if your friends continuously click them.

They also lock the money you make until you make an appeal to prove you're not getting people to click them.
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It'll recognize that the same IP address is boosting them
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maybe just get a job
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nah I wouldnt my ad rate is bad now i get 200k views a month and low af rn
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No don't do it. Focus more on making good videos and not on making money on ads

The money will come if your videos are good
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