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Now Gold Gifter + on road to Ultra GifterPosted:

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Finally GoldGifter +
So $600 later i finally get the GoldGifter + badge, for me it ain't about the badge, but having the badge shows that you have helped support TheTechGame, and helped out other members that cant afford gold. I'm now going to be going for another 100 gifts of gold to get ULTRA GIFTER, so look out for my gold giveaways. I use TheTechGame for selling my mods, and i think its only fair that i give back some of the money i have made back to the community, because without TheTechGame i wouldn't have made anything.

If you think this achievement is worth repping me, by all means do so as it will help me reach my goal to get 1000 rep by the end of this year .
Thanks Everyone

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Congratulations Mikey.

Glad to see you finally got your name!
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Wow that's awesoem mikey nice job
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Congrats Mikey!
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Congrats man, some milestone!
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Thank you for the gold aswel
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Congrats mate
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Congrats on GG+ m8.

It's always cool seeing you giving back to the community on shouterdays and other days I'm sure.

Thanks for the ones you have given me and the ones you forgot about.

Keep being a great member of TheTechGame society.


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Congrats mate
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wow, just wow! Grats Mikey! I see you've also copped the name Mikey
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