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Package help pleasePosted:

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It says my package is estimated to be here tomorrow but my package is 40 min away at a post office could it get here today??
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have some patience. It may come today but who knows.Call and see if you can pick it up yourself but i doubt it
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In the world of shipping, that means nothing unfortunately.

It may need to be transferred to your district before it's put out for delivery.

Last year i ordered a package from Austin, TX which is about 2 hours from me. It took 3 days to arrive..

It's only a day, just be patient and chances are it'll be delivered early tomorrow
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Doubtful if it's not to your post office before everything is sorted in the morning it won't go out until tomorrow, unless it's like over night then the post master or someone we'll bring it separate if it didn't make it by morning sort
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Just be patient and wait for it to come
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You will most likely receive it tomorrow, they'll have to process the parcel and stick it on tomorrows delivery.
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Maybe it didn't update yet
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My package always get dropped off at a USPS facility 5 miles away from my house and they stay there for the day until the next delivery lol.
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you should keep your package in your pants not out floating around the streets, that's how you catch STDS.
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