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Should I do Console Giveaways?
69.57% (16 votes)
Should I do Gold Giveaways?
30.43% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 23

Kmarts 48hr Gold Giveaway!Posted:

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Hey TTG so back in the day I use to do Console Giveaways a lot so I think its time to get back into the routine
Just gonna start with some Gold Giveaways!
How to Enter?
Just post below and Tell us something About you
Would really Appreciate a Thanks and Rep+ (Optional)

Will be using a Draw for this giveaway
Entries Closed and Winner Chosen within the next 48 hours!

Good Luck All

-Lewy Won!!

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I'll get the ball rolling by entering this. Thanks for the giveaway also!

Something about myself? I'm Scottish?
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  • Blind Luck
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Ill enter this giveaway
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Enter me in this bud, would love to have gold again!
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I'll enter for this.

Something about me. Well I'm a dedicated boyfriend to a lovely girl from the state of Michigan I work at a retail store 20hours a week and do some side jobs. I Like to play video games and watch some netflix when I'm chilling and if I'm feeling risky I go onto TTG..

Why is TTG so risky? to understand this lets breakdown the principals here, Sean made this site in 2009, the same year Gary busey stopped being a GHB addict, this was Seans idol and there was problem when gary stopped, you see gary always told sean that if he were to start to look ill or pale that sean would need to take over his life in another forum so lowkey and so right in front of everyone's faces.

Sean installed a trojan on this domain when it all first happened to get his anger out about gary's passing, but rather than letting thousands and even millions of get viruses he says "What if i make them waste their entire life on the forefront of this website *evil laugh*

Am I off track?

Anyway something about me, I'm adorable as heck (Not as cute as loke) I'm filled w/ joy (and c men) I'm like an onion cause I have layers (Like cent) I'm obese (like folk/ madam/ narc.. jk baby) and I typed all of this in under a staggering 10 minutes it's a very drug on non-making sense statement I put together in my head hope you enjoyed reading it all as I enjoyed typing it cudos sir or miss.
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i enter.

some about me is that im a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team )
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  • V5 Launch
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Big Pokemon fan who would love some gold! Gl to everyone and thanks for the giveaway!
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  • Summer Giveaway
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Wouldn't mind gold Kappa.
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xxxtentacion is my father
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