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TTG Downloads Milestone 2Posted:

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Back in late January I posted a milestone for the downloads area hitting 5 Million total items downloaded since then we've hit another milestone.

At the time of posting in late January we had 14,700 total downloads today we've crossed 20,000 and another 100,000 downloads were served during that time frame.

Thanks to everyone who has been submitting items we don't have in our database!
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we da best website

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Congrats, another huge milestone.
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GG TheMemeGame
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Thats alot of downloads, Congratz
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Glad I could contribute to this awesome goal. The milestone from January is what motivated me to start submitting and it was well worth it. Hopefully I get back into submitting downloads and help get us to 25k.

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Well done to everyone who contributed.

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That's fantastic, I'm hoping to submit some soon.

Let's do this guys
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Congratulations EveryOne

Dammm thats so many one hell of a milestone thats for sure. I have recently started to submit downloads only started a couple of days ago and im at 37% i think, which means i'm finding half decent downloads that ain't been submitted before so i will carry on until i run out of ideas maybe get a badge along the way as well

Congratulations To Sean any every one else that has submitted some great useful downloads, i just hope i can be apart of it

Congratulations EveryOne
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I'm too lazy to get my dl master badge.
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