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Wizard is Rated AwesomePosted:

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Just a little unexpected badge on my end but still am grateful to recieve it. Always love helping the community out with giveaways and more and i hope to keep doing so. Thanks to the TTG community and the Shoutbox mainly by bringing me back everyday enjoying my stay everytime. Thanks to ther staff of TTG for keeping an eye on me and helping whenever I need it. Hope to see Speed do a wizard challenge sometime soon and attempt to complete that but im still disappointed on the easter egg challenge that pasted. Anyways, not much else to say besides thanks a load and hope to see everyone in the shoutbox! Would love to talk and meet new people so dont be shy. Thanks for reading and hope everyone has an amazing night/day. Wizard out.

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Luke: One of my favorite staffs on the team and love playing H1Z1 with although he sucks at it.
Madeline: Another great staff member who i play H1Z1 with and love talking to him in TS.
Cent: Best or one of the best members but sucks at madden and multiple other games. Love u <3
Prodigy: Probaby the best modder on TTG in my eyes and love chatting with him in shoutbox.
Inton: use to talk to this guy a lot on Snapchat and shoutbox but hes missing now.
Zesri: Great at graphics and always love getting work done by him.
Mortar: One of my Destiny buddies and love talking with him in shoutbox and Xbox.
Saki: So weird in the IM but hilarious for how much he likes anime.
Naggy: alright at staff and love chatting with him.
Loke: Took my glory on the easter egg challenge but is a funny guy in shoutbox.
Ethan: Use to talk to him a bit on Xbox but still great talking to him in shoutbox and is an overall great guy.

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Congrats Wizard! Thats Awesome. but are you really a wizard?
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Congrats Wizard on Wiz.. Rated Awesome!

You need to come play h1. Madz misses you
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really man congratulations for awe the awesomeness you have contributed to this site

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Congrats on getting the badge Rated Awesome!
You have an aweome username as well.
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Congratz on the Badge
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Grats mista gandalf keep up the great work buddy.
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Congratulations Keep up the great work and positivity!

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Congrats on the badge bro
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Congrats keep doing what you do with those wonderful Wizardly hands my friend ;)
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