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What console would you like to win ?

Xbox One
88.24% (15 votes)
11.76% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 17

Vote - PS4 or Xbox One ?Posted:

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So i'm going to be doing a console giveaway soon, and i was just going to do an Xbox One giveaway, but i have notices its been done before, so i just wanted to know what you guys would prefer ?
Work is slowly picking up now so ill have some extra dollar for giveaways, so im hoping to do this giveaway in the summer maybe mid June, i know its along away but hell it is going to happen !! so its something to look forward to.

Please dont post to enter anything this is not a giveaway its just a vote !!

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I voted XB1 because I have been Xbox all my life, not because I have anything against Playstation
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Xbox hold the memories
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I would have to go PlayStation purley because the new COD DLC's are being released early on it, a big zombies fan could win it.
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PS4 cuz I already have an Xbox one
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Get an Xbox one out here :p
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Xbox one all the way!!!
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XB1 > PS4 anyday.
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I feel like this ian unfair, as i'm a Xbox fan myself i feel like every strawpoll with Xbox and PS4 in it, Xbox will always win not matter what's circumstances because the whole of TTG is practically all Xbox Fans haha, it would ben good to change utmost yo though as i already have an Xbox One.

PS4 has my Vote for this one

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I got both but I prefer xbox one. They're both good consoles.
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