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Finally have a TTG Rank - TTG MasterPosted:

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I know its only 844 posts and im a 5 year member, but ive only been active since last October, my goal is to know get 1000 posts hopefully soon and then on to 5k posts, i just hope some of you like my posts and topics i make i try my best

TTG Master

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to Mikey For This Useful Post:

pleb (05-04-2017), Nik (04-26-2017), Xbox (04-25-2017), ZTG (04-25-2017), Jack_Sparrow (04-25-2017), Decy (04-25-2017), Harf (04-25-2017), prodigy (04-25-2017)
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grats Mikey lad
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Post count isn't everything, it's the quality of the posts you create that stand to make a difference. I'm just like you - around 800 something posts and a long time on this website.

I check TTG daily for Xbox, PS, and Computer/tech news - it's my first go-to source for news regarding the technological world. Just because you've been "relatively" inactive and have a low post count based on your stay here doesn't mean you're not a respected member!

So, congratulations on your 800 post feat, as well as becoming a 5 year member. See you at a decade

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Congrats mikey boy keep up the grind
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Congrats on TTG Master bud!
See you at the next milestone.
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Congrats on 800 posts, I remember when I was there, 1k isn't far but it feels like it for sure. See you at 1k.
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Congrats, dude. Keep moving forward
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Congratulations on your posts! Keep up with good posts and good quality!
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Fam, fam, my man 50 grand Ill always call you that Mikey and don't forget it don't let anyone put you down bro and keep up the amazing work congrats on the big accomplishment mane
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Congartz on the Rank
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